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Im a resident here at abercorn. And the staff treats me nice and the therapy department is doing better than I was before I got here. I really appreciate being here.
Charlie Sellars
I've worked here for over 18 years as a nurse and I wouldn't work anywhere else. I believe all nursing facilities have their share of problems but we work every day to try to fix any issues that arise. There are so many staff members here that love and care so much for all of our residents. We cheer when they discharge with a positive outcomes and cry for those who don't. We also have a great rehab team that have such a success rate because they love what they do.
Cheryl Spangler
I am nothing but pleased of how this rehab is taking care of my father in law. Kind, caring hard working people! Clean facility with no smells even though the building is a little dated. Thank you for all that you do.
Jeana Rouchi
My grandmother has been a resident here for a few years and she has really enjoyed her time here. My mother also had to stay recently after a stroke. My mom was a very difficult patient and not very cooperative, but everyone was extremely kind to her, especially the rehabilitation staff. The office staff are all phenomenal and very easy to deal with as far as payment and such. Yes, they are chronically understaffed, but that is most healthcare facilities. I really appreciate how kind they have been during a very difficult time and how patient they were with my mom even when she was being difficult.
Lisa Sammons
This is a very well run rehab and long term care home. Very clean and the staff is very caring. I would highly recommend this place.
Jeffrey Worman
Ms Jasmein at burger king on Abercorn she was so kind and friendly!!! Really helped me out today just with the simples things! Recommend any and everyone to this store
Michelle Green
I was very pleased with the entire staff at Abercorn Rehabilitation Center; especially the therapy staff. They encouraged and re-enforced the skills required for independent living, safety and security in the clients. Everyone worked to assist with my husband’s speedy recovery of strength and confidence with his mobility. Thank you and may GOD keep his hands on the staff and their mission.
Patricia Furman
Current employee with 8.5 years tenure
Maggie Mae
I love the entire team I work with at Abercorn Rehab! And as the Rehab Program Manager I can say I have every confidence that our residents receive high quality skilled Speech, Occupational and Physical therapy from a staff that loves their residents and act as patient advocates every day they work!!!
Laurie Boone
Love the confidence & optimism working at this facility.
Dynisha Clemons
I was trying to get home care for a friend of mine who was on Medicaid. No one would take him because they wouldn't take Medicaid. Kindred did, they are the only one I could find who did. Beyond that their care to him went above and beyond the call of duty. I can highly recommend this group of dedicated nurses for home care.
Ashley Childs